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Up or Down… What are Mortgage Rates doing?

By Les Walden | February 12, 2024

Are you feeling a bit unsure about what’s really happening with mortgage rates? That might be because you’ve heard someone say they’re coming down. But then you read somewhere else that they’re up again. And that may leave you scratching your head and wondering what’s true. Read More

Is Listing Inventory Increasing?

By Les Walden | January 31, 2024

If you’re looking to buy a home, the recent downward trend in mortgage rates is good news because it helps with affordability. But there’s another way this benefits you – it may inspire more homeowners to put their houses up for sale. Read More

Are Home Prices Going Up or Down in Upstate SC?

By Les Walden | January 29, 2024

Even though home prices are going up nationally, some people are still worried they might come down. In fact, a recent survey from Fannie Mae found that 24% of people think home prices will actually decline over the next 12 months. That means almost one out of every four people are dealing with that fear, and you might be, too. Read More