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The county seat of Oconee County, Walhalla is the last stop on Hwy 28 before entering the Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, this town is known as the Gateway to the Blue Ridge and has invested a lot into revamping its downtown area to highlight current businesses and bring new ones to the area.

As the Gateway to the Blue Ridge, Walhalla is home to lots of hiking, beautiful waterfalls and the man-made attraction of Stumphouse Tunnel. The plan was to create a railroad tunnel to connect Charleston to Knoxville, but construction was stopped due to a lack of funds and the onset of the Civil War. A constant breeze is created by the air shaft, which brings a bit of relief on hot summer days. Down a short path from the tunnel is Issaqueena Falls, one of Oconee County’s most-visited natural attractions. A brief walk leads to a platform where you can view the waterfall, named for a young Native American woman who — as legend has it — hid there en route to warning settlers about an impending attack.

Other outdoor attractions include Oconee Station State Historic Site, which offers visitors a glimpse into life in the early 1900s as well as a chance to cool off at Station Cove Falls after an easy, family-friendly hike. The former military compound features guided tours to give an inside look at the stone buildings and day-to-day operations when the compound housed the SC State Militia from 1792-1799.

Walhalla has strong German roots, best evidenced during its annual Oktoberfest celebration, complete with carnival rides, traditional German food, music and dances, and plenty of bier. 

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