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    Make sure the Internet Information is accurate

    By Robert Whitesides | July 23, 2015

    Hey Guys! You have no idea how many times a day I have to explain how sites like Zillow and Trulia work to get their information and give out estimated values on properties. I have property owners call me, or I may run into them, and they say something like, “I was on Zillow, and... Read More

    Avoid Moving Company Nightmares when Relocating

    By Robert Whitesides | July 23, 2015

    Did you know that consumers filed more than 8,000 complaints against moving companies last year? Here are a few tips to decrease the chances of Your Personal belongings being damaged during the move to your New Home. 1. Start Early – the summer is peak season for movers, it’s best to be prepared. 2 Always... Read More

    Our Real Estate Market is Hyper Local

    By Robert Whitesides | July 8, 2015

    YOUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE EXPERT Ever wonder how the Real Estate Market is really doing? Heard terms you don’t really understand, but have never asked anyone to explain? What do the market numbers and comments you hear really mean? Check out Les’s April Column in Oconee County’s The Journal… Read More