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New Buyers Are Looking for 3 Things

These three spaces are attracting buyers in today’s market.

COVID has altered new buyers’ preferences when looking for a home. Here are three things that buyers are looking for in today’s market:

1. Open living spaces. They like the kitchen, living room, and possibly even an outdoor area to blend together so that when they’re doing something with the family, they’re all together instead of being separated into individual rooms.

2. Private spaces. These are becoming extremely important. Whether it’s for relaxation, a phone call you need to make, working from home, or as a homework space for the kids, many need that private space so that they can go off and get that work done.

3. Outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, or entertaining areas, people want an outdoor staycation. People don’t travel as much but they still want to have fun. They’ve created all these spaces outdoors to entertain and to enjoy life at its best in our current situations.

If you have any questions about today’s current market or what you could do to get your home in the best possible position for a quick sale for the most money, give me a call at the Les Walden Real Estate Team. I’d be happy to go over these items with you.

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