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Heat up your outdoor decor

Once upon a time, the gathering place in a home was cozied up with family and friends around the fireplace. That feeling is replicated with one of the hottest outdoor home trends of 2016 — the fire pit.

The “Outdoor Living Forecast” from a team of HGTV designers and outdoor equipment maker Trex shows that most of America wants to bring inside comforts outdoors. Whether it’s an outdoor room, adding ambient light, creating a gourmet outdoor cooking spot or upgrading their decks, it seems we’re all eager to get outside.

The firepit trend can easily be integrated into your outdoor living space and can be as simple or complicated as you want. There are are easy-to-install kits from home improvement stores, tons of DIY ideas and companies that can create the outdoor fireplace or fire pit you’ve been dreaming of.

fireplace 2

In case you’ve been thinking about jumping in on this outdoor trend, here are a few of our favorite DIY options that allow you to personalize the fire pit to your yard and taste (and budget!).


This one cost around $50 to make, and the post has some good tips on air flow to make sure you don’t get smoked out.


sunken firepit

You can have more of a “sunken” firepit look, but we also like this rectangular one that has a more modern, streamlined you need a little more color in your life, this family has a solution for you — a tile mosaic! 


How fun is that for an added splash of color?! You could mix in some printed tile, pick your favorite colors or have the kids pitch in to make it a family project.backyard-firepit34

This setup takes the cake, in our opinion. Though the dog isn’t included, the designated hangout spot has room for a table (for snacks, drinks, blankets or dog treats), plenty of seating and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. She created a path out to the fire pit, so it really feels like an extension of the yard more than an intrusion.

What do you think of these? Will you be jumping on the fire pit wagon?

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