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Be prepared to finance a home

Are you ready to be a home-owner?

Preparing your finances can give you the confidence to focus on the properties you can afford. We’ve listed the best advices on how you can prepare your finances and get you the best position to shop for your dream home.

Today is the “Perfect Time” to buy

Homes are going really fast. Don’t risk losing a home you love because you’re trying to guess where the housing market and interest rates are going. Those factors usually don’t change fast enough to make a difference in an individual home’s price.

Pay attention to what’s important

Make a decision based on the needs and wants of the people who will actually be living in the home. Listening to many opinions from too many people will make it hard for you to make an informed decision.

Make a list of your priorities

Knowing what features needs to be prioritized will help you find the “perfect home” easier. Finding a home in right location but with small yard than you hope, or getting the perfect living area but a kitchen needing minor repairs can be a deal breaker but if you will focus in on things that are most important to you, that home in front of you could be the perfect home.

Don’t try to be a killer negotiator.

Negotiation is an important part of the real estate process, but trying to “win” by getting an extra-low price or refusing to budge may cost you the home you love. Our real estate experts will guide you in the negotiation process to get that dream home under contract.

Plan and prepare your finances ahead

Be approved for a mortgage before starting your home search. It will show the sellers that you are a serious homebuyer. There’s nothing more attractive to a seller than a smooth transaction.

Choose the home you fell in love with

While owning a home is a great investment, it shouldn’t be the first thing in your mind when making your decision. Make sure you choose the home that will fit your lifestyle

Find Your Perfect Home with Les Walden Real Estate!

To help you with all your real estate needs, the Les Walden Real Estate Team has assembled a team of the best professionals in the industry. If you are looking for the perfect home or want to sell your home, allow us to help guide you through the process. Our goal is to not only help you accomplish your real estate goals but do it while having fun and becoming friends. We have had the pleasure of helping over 3000 families make great real estate decisions in our part of the world and made just as many new friends.

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