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Answering Your Home Inspection FAQs

Answers to some of the most common home inspection questions we hear.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about home inspections lately. That’s why I invited Mike Cattafi with Dynamic Inspection Services to tell us about what he does and answer all the common questions associated with the home inspection process. Mike is our go-to inspector and a real pro in the business.

What do you do at a home inspection?

A home inspection is a top-to-bottom analysis of a home, its components, and the functionality of all of those systems. Everything from the roof to the crawl space is looked at carefully.

What is the home inspection report like?

It’s a written report with lots of pictures, arrows, and circles so you see exactly what I want you to see, as well as a description of what he’s seeing and how it can be corrected. The report gives my clients the opportunity to see what I see.

How do I get the report?

You’ll receive it in an email or as a physical copy if you want it. Email is the quickest way, though.

“We review all inspection reports with our clients.”

How is the report broken down?

It’s divided into sections, including the exterior, roof, HVAC, etc. At the beginning of each section, there’s a “styles and materials” section that gives you model numbers, the manufacturer’s name, and types of materials. Then it’s broken down even further by specific interior and exterior areas.

How do I know what to fix?

Items labeled “serviceable” are what you want to see and won’t require any fixing. If there’s something wrong that’s a smaller maintenance issue, it will say “repair/replace.” If there is something serious, I will typically explain what it is, what it should look like, and use the term “repaired by licensed contractor.”

How should I read the report?

It can be a little overwhelming, so look at the bottom of the report for the summary. Scroll down there, check it out, make notes of the numbers of the items that concern you, then look at them in further detail on the report. Then you can go back and look at things line by line.

On the Les Walden Team, we review all inspection reports with our clients, and if there’s something that confuses us, we just reach out to Mike. If you have any questions about inspections, give him a call at (864) 506-1530.

If you have any other real estate-related questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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