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5 Tips to Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar

5 Tips to Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar

Today I’m sharing a few things you can do to sell your home quicker and for more money. If you do these five things, you’ll excite buyers and maximize your home sale:

1. Neutralize your home’s color palette. I understand; I’m a Clemson fan, and I’ve painted walls orange. However, not everyone will have your taste. Neutral colors allow buyers to walk in and imagine their belongings in the house.

2. Flooring. Deep clean your floors, or if they’re damaged, replace them. Flooring is a huge indicator to buyers of whether your home seems clean or not.

3. Kitchen upgrades. The kitchen is the heart of a home: It’s where you spend your time and entertain family and friends. The kitchen has to speak to the buyers. Painting or refacing cabinets, new hardware, or new countertops can make a kitchen look fresh. If your appliances are older, you may want to replace them.

4. Lighting. Ensure all light bulbs are bright, and each bulb in the fixture should match. Also, make sure natural light is pouring in; open blinds and curtains. The more lighting you can have in a house, the better it feels.

5. Curb appeal. When people drive down the street and see the sign in your yard, that’s when the showing begins. Make sure the lawn looks appealing, the shrubs are trimmed, and the front door pops. You want buyers to get fired up before they even step foot in your home.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you make more money from your home sale, give us a call or send an email. We’d be glad to help you.



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