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3 Reasons Why Our Off-Season Market Might Be Strong

The holidays might be a good time to sell

When is the right time to sell your home? Traditionally, that’s been from after New Year’s to before Thanksgiving because we see less activity during the holiday season. People are thinking about the holidays more than buying a new home. This year, there are three good reasons why we don’t think the market will slow down:

1. Our market inventory is still tight. We have more buyers than sellers, so a lot of buyers haven’t been able to find the house that they want yet. They will probably keep looking through the winter.

2. Our interest rates are historically low. This is motivating buyers to get a home. They want to take advantage of these rates while we have them.

3. Our local businesses are looking to hire more people. When people have a job, they need a place to live. When they need a place to live, hopefully, they’re looking for a home.

“Buyers want to take advantage of our great interest rates.”

These three things should push us through what would traditionally be a slower period in our market. If you’re wondering how your home fits into today’s market, give us a call at the Les Walden Real Estate Team. We would love to sit down with you and answer your questions one on one.

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