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10 Cleaning Tasks to Tackle Once a Year

Spring cleaning is in the air!

Ready to start the annual deep cleaning every home needs and deserves? Here are a few chores that need to be tackled once a year and only take a few minutes to complete. Not only will your home feel cleaner, it’ll feel safer, too!

Get behind the appliances

Moving the fridge, stove, and laundry machines away from the wall takes muscle, but annual maintenance pays off in longer lives for these household workhorses. To do a thorough cleaning, vacuum the fridge coils, clean the dryer vents, and wipe all the rear surfaces with a lightly dampened dust cloth. Then bust year-old dust by giving the floor a good sweep. Remember: when moving the appliances, be extremely careful not to disconnect any water or gas lines.

Washer Dryer Repair In Motion

Shampoo Upholstery

Refresh your sofas and chairs with a yearly scrubbing. Search the supermarket for steam cleaners or spray bottles with a brush attachment; they’ll help to gently lift dirt from the upholstery. Before you use a new cleanser, first test it in an inconspicuous spot. If the fabric’s color and texture looks good once the cleanser has dried, you’ll know its safe to use on the remainder of the surface. When cleaning, pay special attention to areas where hands and heads tend to rest—those are the places that need the most elbow grease.

Refresh the Bathroom Storage

Here’s a good rainy day chore: open up all the medicine cabinets and discard any expired medications (the FDA provides guidelines on the safest ways to do this), old cosmetics, and almost-empty toothpaste tubes. Ladies, let’s not act like we don’t all have 6 hair products we bought to try and kept around because “you never know!” It’s been a year, and we all know we aren’t going to use them.

Clean all the surfaces and restock the shelves. Then give the other bathroom cabinets a quick decluttering session, wiping down doors and interior shelves as you go.

Deep Clean the Oven

If you use your oven constantly, you may need to do this job several times in a year, but if you’re only an occasional baker, an annual washing should be fine. Run the self-cleaning cycle if your cooker has one, or arm yourself with rubber gloves and oven cleaner to make the interior sparkle.

Wash Walls and Touch Up Paint

Give your walls a new look—without the hassle of a full paint job—when you give them a once-a-year cleaning. To start, run the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment over the walls, paying special attention to moulding and baseboards. Next, use a cloth and gentle cleaning spray to remove any smudges or fingerprints. If you notice any chips or scratches, cover them with a dab of paint leftover from your last remodel.

Shot of a man carrying a box in a garage
Shot of a man carrying a box in a garage

Sweep and Organize the Garage

Pick a temperate time of year to clear out and clean up your garage or tool shed. Sell, donate, or trash the clutter , then organize all the tools and toys you plan to keep. You may choose to invest in new shelves and hooks—or else finally start using the ones you already have. Once your gadgets and gear are properly stowed away, give the floor a good going over with a heavy-duty broom and mop.

Brighten Up Those Windows

Plan to do this chore in the spring, before you throw the windows open for a bit of fresh air. Pick a cloudy day to clean (sunlight can cause your cleanser to streak), then take a crumpled newspaper and a vinegar-based cleaning solution to the panes to make them sparkle.

Tend to Curtains and Blinds

Once your window panes are crystal-clear, take some time to freshen your window treatments too. When you remove your curtains from their rods, check the care labels, then either wash or dry-clean them according to their needs. While your window treatments are being washed, dust rods and finials, and wipe rolling or venetian blinds, using a cloth lightly dampened with cleaning spray.

Deep Clean Carpets

This job is a great one for late fall, when the family retreats to the indoors for the season. Keep the household healthy by removing dirt, pet dander, pollen and other nasties from rugs and carpets. You can rent a cleaning machine at your local home center, or have a service conquer the task for you.

Dust Light Fixtures

Polishing your fixtures allows more light to shine through, brightening your whole home. Wipe down shades, bulbs, and metalwork with a microfiber cloth sprayed with a gentle cleaning spray. If you can’t reach the light fixture with a ladder, try the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner or use an extendable dusting brush.

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